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Fermented Food

It is empowering to produce food for ourselves that is nourishing and health-enhancing. Recently some of us have had time to cook more meals at home, bake bread or perhaps revive grandma’s recipes, reconnecting us to our family culture. Creating fermented foods takes this connection to another level, as we are cultivating the microbes that have symbiotically evolved with us for millenia.

Benefits of consuming fermented foods may include:

  • Improved microbiome and immunity,
  • Reduced inflammation, possibly the cause of most chronic disease.
  • Increased nutrient content and availability in the food
  • Preserves food so it lasts longer,
  • Enhances the taste of foods, giving them added complexity.

Begin your fermentation adventure with one of our kits which include cultures for sauerkraut, yoghurt, kefir, sourdough or cheese with vegan and non-dairy options. We also offer kombucha scoby, yoghurt making machines and fermentation crocks.