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About Mountain Creek Wholefoods

Mountain Creek Wholefoods has been serving the community for over 40 years. Many customers have been shopping with us for decades, finding that we can cater for their diverse tastes and requirements. We enjoy researching and bringing exciting new products to our shelves, so the store is always evolving and growing. But the underlying principles of providing healthy high-quality products and individualised care to our community remain constant.

Mountain Creek is tucked away in the Griffith shops. As you enter you soon discover that you are stepping into a unique health food store. First there is the unmistakable aroma evoking distant memories: a mix of wholegrains, roasted nuts, wood, essential oils, incense and pastries baking in the Organic Kitchen. It smells wholesome. Then, a feast for the eyes. The owner John has lovingly created shelves and fittings from recycled timber, each piece with its own story.

These shelves overflow with a world of options to support healthy sustainable joyful living for the whole family: organic and best-quality food and supplements, fair trade tea and coffee, natural body care products, cruelty-free cosmetics, organic clothing and all your yoga and meditation needs. For the healthy home you will find hand-crafted ceramic water filters, non-toxic pots and pans, organic seeds and garden products.

Our main aim is to bring to you the best food available, both packaged and in bulk. In addition to the food that we eat, we are also nourished by our senses, what we see, smell, hear and feel. The soothing sound of a meditation CD, the soft touch of a bamboo tee-shirt, the mellow glow of a scented candle; we believe these are also important food for the senses and for the soul.

Because everything in life is inter-connected, to care for ourselves means we need to care for our environment.  Our wide range of products are produced by people that share our values – organic, fair-trade and environmentally conscious. To name a few: Replay supply us with colourful plates made from recycled milk containers thereby reducing landfill significantly and the Niulife Coconut Oil Company is erasing poverty and empowering villagers in remote Pacific regions.

Personal service is a key element at Mountain Creek. If you need advice selecting an appropriate vitamin, herb, homeopathic or superfood supplement, we have knowledgeable staff to assist you. If you have particular dietary requirements or if you are stocking up the pantry from our bulk bins in the countertop, there will be a person to serve you with a friendly smile.

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